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Super Lawyers Are Increasingly Collaborative Lawyers

San Francisco Magazine this month published its annual "Super Lawyers" edition, listing the top lawyers in California.  Here's an interesting fact that confirms we are seeing a real sea change in what's considered the "normal" way to handle a divorce:

Of the fifty top female lawyers working in all fields of law in the state of California, nine of them are collaborative divorce lawyers, and at least five of the nine no longer will go to court under any circumstances---their practices are limited to out of court, client-centered, interest-based resolution.

The nine are:  Margaret Anderson* , Brigeda Bank, Sandra Blair, Kathryn Fox, Belinda Hanson, Jennifer Jackson*, Arlene Kostant*, Madeleine Simborg*, and Pauline Tesler*.  Those with asterisks after their names no longer include litigation as a divorce resolution modality.   All  nine are members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


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