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Al Franken on Marriage

In his chat session about his new national anthem based on the Bill of Rights, the Washington Post's Gene Weingarten writes: 

"In researching nationalism and political philosophy, I ran across my favorite observation by Al Franken, which is pertinent to this task, and which I paraphrase here: Far-right conservatives love their country exactly the way four-year-olds love their mommies: Their mommies are the bestest, smartest, prettiest ladies in the whole wide world! Liberals love their country like adults, the way spouses love each other: Deeply, richly, honestly, seeing imperfections and working to make things as good as they can be."

I don't know if this Al Franken knows anything about conservatives or has ever had a conversation with one, although I understand that he is a United States Senator and as such has to scurry past surly gangs of conservatives who constantly threaten to give him wedgies in the Senate restroom and take his lunch money in the Senate cafeteria.

But he certainly knows a thing or two about marriage.



Perhaps Al Franken understands that adults should care deeply about each other. Can adults love each other altruistically?

James Hess

Marriage is about mutually putting the other person first. If you sincerely want to make lasting change in a marriage, it has to start from the individual deciding to not be selfish, but to be a loving partner. Agenda's only complicate and hurt marriages and countries. I wish that grown ups, especially senators, would stop doing agenda based name calling.

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