Can't have three parents when mom left wife for dad, Calif. Ct. says
Therapist grew from divorce encourager into "marriage saver"

Divorce lawyer: No-fault divorce a product of "urban renewal"/space age hubris; doesn't work for kids

"Denial: The Price of Our Children's Best Interest" by Cleveland divorce lawyer Kevin Senich says that the whole idea of "no-fault" divorce has never worked for children -- many of whom blame themselves for divorces which the law says are nobody's fault. While it was an understandable product of the sixties -- not the hippie era, but the technocratic hubris that gave us the moon landings but also grim, inhuman architecture and "urban renewal" -- Senich asks, what are we going to do now that we know better?


R Gould-Saltman

"Indeed, research proves divorce only makes things harder for children."


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