Royal wedding marks "marriage gap" between social reality, cultural messages
Can't have three parents when mom left wife for dad, Calif. Ct. says



This evening my wife and I were talking quietly amongst ourselves about our funds, when our 4 year old daughter, who was eating birthday cake stopped devouring her confectionery treat and said something very unselfish: "You can have my money mommy and daddy". That just says it all!

We were merely talking quietly to each other, not realizing that she was over hearing what we were talking about. Her altruistic heart melted our hearts, right then and there, but makes us more careful about what we talk about in the same room as our kids.

It is important to praise and applaud our children when they go out of their way to be unselfish.

I thought that this article and my comment would be a great thing to share on Facebook, part of the article deals with helping our children learn how to not be "stuff" centered and how to share and care when it comes to stuff. I hope that getting the word out about it will a deep impact.


My wife and I try to monitor how many commercials our children watch especially the envy commercials. You know the ones. Usually they are car commercials. The neighbors are so, envious and put to shame by the magnificence of their neighbor's new car. It sends the old, "keeping up with the joneses" message that teaches people that we are supposed to love things and not really love people.

Those sub sandwich commercials that show that people should be used instead of loved in order to get grab their sub sandwich. It uses sweet little kid voices and these attract the attention of our kids.

So, part of getting our kids to love "stuff" means helping them become shallow, loving stuff while using people. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Really poignant article! It is important to get our children to be socially, ecologically and conservation minded, while teaching them those things from a personal approach instead of a commercialism / materialism.

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