US SCt: Right to counsel or other kinds of help when facing jail for support arrears
Fatherlessness epidemic caused by "us", not "them"

Father has right to seek custody in state child neglect case - Conn. S.Ct.

A non-custodial parent has a constitutional right to participate in a case where the state claims the child is neglected, the Connecticut Supreme Court says in In Re Joseph W., 6/28/11 (official release date). It’s amazing that a court would even have to face that question in this day and age, but the ancient, savage notion that non-custodial parents are not fit parents is still out there. Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers noted that the statute on whether non-custodial parents can be involved in these cases is ambiguous, but the biggest consideration for the Supreme Court was the constitutional one — it would be unconstitutional to interpret the statute to exclude the non-custodial parent from presenting evidence and seeking custody when the state is trying to terminate parental rights and take a child based on the custodial parent’s actions. 



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