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Child custody evaluations have had same flaws in US, UK

Gov't services & residency for immigrant domestic violence victims made permanent

Migrant domestic violence support scheme extended - BBC 3/30/12

A scheme to help migrants forced to leave relationships as a result of domestic violence is being made permanent, the Home Office has said. The move follows a pilot project that has provided support for 1,522 people, including 738 women with children. The initiative assists victims who would otherwise be destitute or have no access to public funds. ... The government said that in many cases victims were afraid to seek help because they lacked financial support and feared they would be removed from the UK if their relationship failed. ... Those eligible for the scheme will be granted a limited period of exceptional leave to remain by the UK Border Agency. Victims would be able to access financial and support services, such as a refuge, and be allowed to apply for UK residency.



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