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Photographer can't refuse to work gay wedding - NM S.Ct.; ACLU concurs

Court: Photographer who wouldn’t work a gay wedding violated anti-discrimination law

By Molly McDonough - Aug 22, 2013 - ABA Jnl.

"A Christian photographer who refused to photograph the wedding of a gay couple violated state anti-discrimination laws, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled Thursday. Elaine Huguenin refused to photograph the commitment ceremony for a lesbian couple because she believes marriage is a union between one man and one woman."

The American Civil Liberties Union did not help with her defense, and in fact stated its support for the ruling. It issued what sounds like a sweeping statement that people who operate businesses must not "discriminate" against potential customers by refusing to be hired to do work that violates their religious beliefs. Instead of the ACLU, she was defended by the Alliance Defending Freedom.

New Mexico law neither bans nor authorizes gay marriage, and it was not available at the time of the "commitment ceremony" that the case was about, but a court clerk in one county began licensing gay marriages two days ago.

Full ABA Jnl. article

Court opinion





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