"Marriage gap", economic inequality reinforce each other across generations

Cruel realities of "parental" child abduction, 34 years later: stolen from one parent, abandoned by the other

This horrifying story has several elements that I have seen in my parental child abduction cases over the years. Especially, (1) the child was told that the left-behind parent had abandoned him, and (2) the child soon ended up without either parent. As I've seen in many cases, once the abductor has managed to deprive the other parent of  the child, he or she loses interest, other priorities intervene, and the child is left with relatives, friends, or worse.

Man surfaces at San Diego church 34 years after abduction to Mexico


Pamela Yolanda Morris

I am one of those horror stories. My child father took him over 14 years ago. The grandmother started the ball rolling after i called the police because the father said i would never see my 2 month old son again. The police told us both we had the same 50/50 rights over our child and to work it out. The judge give us joint custody after not being able to work together.Thur it all i pay child support in one state and he moved to Virginia with my son so I could not have my visitation rights.They are very evil people i would pay thousands of dollarsdollars for a great lawyer to refile my case and win. to just hold my son at night again.

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