Decoding the Dalai Lama on Same-Sex Marriage
Lawyers whose law school bans gay or non-marital sex will be admitted to some bars, not others

Strengthening and improving marriages is a progressive cause. Just ask the original progressives.

In "What a progressive used to be", Anthony Esolen ranges into a variety of issues here where I'm not always sure I agree with him, but his point is fresh and important — the original, populist, progressives sought to build up institutions based on individuals, families and communities, empowered by "group self-respect", to resist the growth and power of huge impersonal bureaucracies, public or private. He tells the story of Samuel W. Dike, founder of the Divorce Reform League. To which I would add Gov. Pat Brown, who launched the marriage-strengthening reform commission that later devolved into unilateral no-fault divorce; Justice Louis Burke and other founders of the family Conciliation Courts, and various recent and contemporary "healthy marriage movement" activists such as Diane Sollee of Smart Marriages, family therapy professor Bill Doherty, and radical divorce-mediator-turned-marriage-mediator Judy Parejko.

What a progressive used to be:

Progressives once fought for the family because they understood that families protect us from atomization and amalgamation.

Anthony Esolen |


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