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24-hour day care: one of many child-care changes family lawyers, judges should know about

Day care and babysitting have changed a lot in the past few years, and such change is badly needed.  In family law cases I commonly deal with, instead of finding people they (sort of) know, parents find babysitters online, everywhere from Craigslist to agencies that do thorough background checks. Parents work early mornings and evenings, sometimes unexpectely, and on-call services have evolved to fit those needs. Parents also have overnight business travel, sometimes working as consultants at a distant client site for days at a time, flying home sometimes only for weekends. Now there's another new development:

The Rise of Extreme Daycare

BY ALISSA QUART / PHOTOS BY ALICE PROUJANSKY in Pacific Standard: The Science of Spciety

( via photographer and writer Ann Carpenter)



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