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How the Real "Mad Men" and Women Lived and Raised Kids -- And We Should, Too

The best-written version of something many of us have known for years. More proof that “humorists” are the most serious, effective social critics and practical philosophers.

Dave Barry: The Greatest (Party) Generation

Raising children wasn’t always an all-consuming job. Humorist Dave Barry on his parents’ wild parties and the grown-up escapades of the ‘Mad Men’ era


Looking back, I think my parents had more fun than I did. ... [Read More]


*Article originally appeared in Wall Street Journal, 2/26/15, adapted from Barry's new book, 

Live Right and Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster): Life Lessons and Other Ravings from Dave Barry


John Crouch

Marissa, it's an English name, most common in the "home counties" near London. It is the Middle English word for Cross. There were Crouch settlers as far back as 1623 in New England, the Upper South, and the Carolinas. My branch spread from Virginia to East Tennessee, and from there many went to Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas and elsewhere in the West. The Massachusetts Crouches emigrated through the upper Midwest, with many ending up in Indiana, Iowa and Utah.
- John


Hi there!

I was wondering if you had any family in the Utah or Arizona region? I am looking for origins of this name.

Thank you!

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