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April 09, 2007


John Crouch

The father in this case wrote to me to say that most of the information about him in the case is "grossly incorrect." I wouldn't be surprised if he was right. Newspaper articles generally are full of inaccuracy, and so are divorce cases, and when you put the two together, you shouldn't rely on anything they say. This article looks at all the cases only from the abducting mother's perspective, exclusively and superficially.


Dear Mr. Crouch: I am the grandmother of Aidan Macready and reside in Oregon (USA). I was in Brno with my son, Thomas, when Aidan was a little over the age of 2, not long after his mother had kidnapped him (after a direct order from the Court in Texas not to leave the State). This child is not suffering from autism and is not autistic. If anything he is overly mommified. IF she got a doctor to state he was autistic, then it was probably her boyfriend in Brno who was/is a doctor. I was there for approximately 10 days. We were never allowed to take Aidan out of her parent's house to visit, even tho the court (in Brno) said we could. Eva and Aidan (at the time) were living with her parents in a small house. At one time I was made to stand out in the cold (December) and only one of us could go in at a time to the house - I contracted pneumonia from that little excursion. IF Aidan was diagnosed as autistic I would strongly suspect it was her boyfriend in Brno who is a doctor who did so. Thomas is very correct in stating that her comments are very (grossly his words) incorrect--I would go even further. Aidan has never been threatened by his father - the love of the father for his child is evident in visits, pictures, etc. The mother is slightly deranged. I did not see this until 2011 so was unable to comment earlier.

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