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April 09, 2007



The Political Party AXJ of Spain has filed complaints against the Carrascosa family for child abduction and contempt of Court and will have to return the child immediately to the USA.

Victoria Carrascosa

Please look at: http://www.caso-carrascosa.com/indice_in.htm

Thank you.
Victoria Carrascosa, Maria's sister.

Alex Innes, Peter's Brother

Please see here:


esperanza sinquemani

Traten de hacer un llamado a los grandes periodistas de USA. Traten de hacer contacto con Opra Winfernes una de las periodistas con mas seguidores, si ella se interesa en vuestro caso, podria levantar una buena CAUSA PARA uVDES. sUERTE. vOY A REZAR POT uSTEDES

Quenby Wilcox

I myself am in a similar divorce custody battle, but in reverse. I am an American divorced in Spain from a violent, abusive Spanish ex husband. My details are different from Maria Jose's, but the corrupt judicial "game" is the same.

For the past 6+ months I have been examining Maria Jose's case as well as many, many others out there, and what I am finding is both disgusting and inadmissible.

I am in the process of developing a project/plan that will COMPREHENSIVELY AND EFFECTIVELY bring accountability, competence, and JUSTICE to our judicial systems.

Anyone who is interested in working with me on this project or finding out more about it, please contact me at quenbywilcox@yahoo.es.



Father X

Maria Jose Carrascosa says that

"Carrascosa and Innes married in 1999 in Spain, and
resided in New Jersey. They had one child, a
daughter named Victoria. The marriage broke in
2004 after several years of domestic abuse, and
Innes abandoned the family home. Thereafter,
Maria Jose filed a petition to annul the marriage and
was granted full custody of her daughter in Spain, to
where she moved back, with her child, in January of
2005. At that point Innes filed for divorce in New
Jersey, and accused Maria Jose of illegally taking
their daughter abroad, even though there was NO
SUCH REQUIREMENT or court order that she
remain in the USA."

(see http://www.caso-carrascosa.com/pdfs/americaninjustice.pdf)

She claims that NO SUCH REQUIEMENT or Court Order existed for her
child to remain in the US. While Judge Torack and her husband are
claiming that there was a previous court order and agreement. Someone
is lying! Judge Torack lied about conducting Motion Hearings that
never happened in my case too!!!

Victoria Carrascosa


Conclusiones. http://www.caso-carrascosa.com/testigos.htm

1. Supuestamente: “La Fiscal del caso de Nueva Jersey contra Maria Jose Carrascosa, Carol Cotono coacciono a los Testigos enviando al Sargento de Policia Charles Ryan a amenazarlos a su casa, y queriendoles hacer firmar Declaraciones en contra de Maria Jose a traves de sus abogados en una Corte, por lo que esto significa una manipulacion al Jurado Popular y al propio Juez Donald Venezia”.

2. Apoyo incondicional a Peter Innes del Juez Edward Torack. Por lo que todos los abogados de Maria Jose NUNCA fueron contra su ciudadano “protegido” aunque la maltrato. Pero el ultimo de ellos Scott Finckenauer, es quien teniendo todos estos testimonios documentados NUNCA los saco a relucir en ninguna de las Cortes de Nueva Jersey, suponemos cumpliendo asi su propio objetivo: “limpiar” su expediente laboral: Le fue RETIRADA su Licencia de abogado durante 3 meses en el año 2002. Este abogado no contactó con los primeros abogados de María José, Lesnevich & Marzano-Lesnevich, LLC y en el último año, NUNCA habló directamente con la Familia Carrascosa, limitándose a informar a la Agencia EFE de todo lo que iba sucediendo.

Conclusions. http://www.caso-carrascosa.com/testigos_in.htm

1. Supposedly: “The District attorney of the New Jersey case against Maria Jose Carrascosa, Carol Cotono, compelled the Witnesses sending Police Sergeant Charles Ryan to threaten them at their homes. She wanted to make them sign Depositions against Maria José through her attorneys in a Court. Therefore, this means rigging the Popular Jury and Judge Donald Venezia himself”.

2. Unconditional support to Peter Innes by Judge Edward Torack. That is why all of Maria Jose’s attorneys were never against his "protected" citizen, though he had battered her. But the last one of them, Scott Finckenauer, is the one who having all these documented evidences NEVER highlighted them in any of the New Jersey courts. We suppose he was thus trying to achieve his own goal: “cleaning” his working file: his attorney's License had been WITHDRAWN from Him for 3 months in year 2002. This attorney did not contact María José’s first lawyers Lesnevich & Marzano-Lesnevich, LLC and in the last year he NEVER spoke directly with the Carrascosa Family. He limited himself to report to the EFE Agency about everything that was going on.


She did NOT take "their 6-year-old daughter to Spain in the middle of a divorce and custody
battle". The custody battle was started by Innes in Spain after they had moved back because of severe health problems. The custody battle was solved in Spain, Maria Jose being granted custody. Innes appealed this decision but the courts maintained their decision. Innes then started a new battle in the U.S. which by then did not have jurisdiction. Maria Jose is INNOCENT. Courts should admit all evidence of abuse in these cases, which they failed to do in this and many other cases, having tragic consequences for many, many children. This is outrageous!

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