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February 07, 2011



My mom n dad filed for divorce in the US. They were married in the Philippines. When my dad retired he pretty much stayed in the Philippines. He (73 yr old)ended up w/ 3 girlfriends there and now suing my mom for his share of their properties because they didnt annul their marriage there and that the divorce only applied in the US law. Now my mom (78 yr old) is sick because of all this stupid demands! Can my dad actually sue my mom for this?

Hope u can give me some informative answers.


Von Rod Limpot

This law shouldn't be passed. Before marrying someone, you must be sure that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that person.


they should pursue passing this bill...of course we should be ready and sure when marrying someone but then at the end of the day..people change and so are their feelings. We can't control those and a marrige without respect and love isn't healthy at all.

Eddie Holland

It's about time!


Any update on this bill as of today?

Vangie La Montagne

My sister in the Philippines married a American in the Philippines 11/22/2010 .I filed here in the U S the paper work I- 130 petition etc.and payed the fees.I had the groom sign the papers and mailed them to the address posted.Registered mail and have conformation they received paper work.We try contacting him and he says he hasn't hear from them.My sister has asked him to call immigrations a 100 plus times .We feel he just abandoned her.What can be done to solve this problem .thanks Vangie


Any update on this bill as of today??

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