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March 22, 2007


Patricia Locker

3-16-09 Lauderdale County, Alabama Circuit Court Judge Jimmy Sandlin, who ran for his office on the "Family" platform, is quoted in several articles as stating that his personal mission is to save marriages within our county. It is now public knowledge that Sandlin had a long term adulterous affair with a CITY employee (adultery is illegal in our state). Once caught, Sandlin left his own family and obtained a divorce. This is undisputed since Sandlin publicly confessed his adultery in front of hundreds of people at his own church. Sandlin then avoided his own required Trans-parenting Course, mediation, and counseling which he requires of other couples before him in court. His rulings in this county have hurt good and decent families, and his hypocrisy is overwhelming. His actions reveal his own instability. Sandlin should resign or be removed from office for his unethical, immoral, and illegal behavior.

John Crouch

I checked elsewhere online and the report of the affair seems to be accurate. I still think the work described in the article is very good work and I hope others will carry it on and emulate it.

Also online were the typical array of comments that people make about all family court judges, with many people not liking his custody and support decisions, reporting that he ruined their lives, etc. Yes, folks, every family court in this country leaves a lot of people feeling cheated, angry, and sometimes completely devastated and incapacitated. That's the net effect of divorce, even after 40 years of my profession working to improve divorce and its fallout.

There was also one family that said Judge Sandin had forced the couple to live together while their case was pending. I am a family lawyer, although not in Alabama, and I did not know that it was possible for a court to make an order like that. I just want to make clear that I do not advocate that kind of thing, and I do not know of anyone who does advocate it. Divorce laws and procedures can be changed to reduce the incentives to leave, to give people time, tools and opportunity to work on their marriages, but no one is talking about the law forcing people to live together.

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