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March 27, 2007


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I'm Italian and was curious about your stats. have to admit that, even if we are a strong catholic nation with Vatican having a great influence over the society, our stats are almost close to yours.

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I'm French language and was inquisitive about your statistics. have to confess that, even if we are a powerful catholic country with Vatican having an excellent effect over the community, our statistics are almost near to yours.

Family & The Law

It's amazing how statistics vary and tell different stories about divorce. I'm keen to understand how the ABS calculated the cost of divorce to the Australia’s economy at AUD 6bn, how 700,000 Australian children no longer have any meaningful contact with their non-custodial parents and how 1.5 million extended family members are denied access to children. Can we believe the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) finding that divorced single men had an average $762,000 less in assets than non-divorced? More: Family & The Law (Family Law Portal)

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