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June 02, 2011



Your conclusions have no proof or basis. Your conclusion is a logical fallacy.
"I sure wish the pilot would stop turning on the 'Buckle Seatbelt' sign, every time he does the plane gets bumpy."

There are hundreds of explanations as to why lower income correlates with children with multiple men. To automatically infer that it is proof of evolutionary predictions is simply wishful thinking on your part.

John Crouch

Just because there are a lot of phenomena at the same time doesn't mean that all theories of cause & effect, all attempts to discern logical patterns and relationships, are invalid. I think the author's using the term "evolutionary" a little more loosely than in everyday speech; he means "the same kind of behaviors that the field of evolutionary biology is concerned with." Doesn't have a lot to do with evolution vs. creationism etc.

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