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February 04, 2012


study mode

I wonder what it is about the air force specifically that leads to higher divorce rates, but that's certainly an interesting study. Perhaps it is because of the war climate. How do you expect someone to go home and maintain (work on) their relationship when they are working hard to just stay alive and protect their comrades daily?

עו"ד גירושין

that's so sad numbers... I hope it eill change. divorce are bad.

Researching Divorce Rates

Sort of an alarming study. Divorce can be the biggest distraction in daily life. The military are not the people we want distracted. Wow.

Thanks for posting

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Sort of an escalating study. Divorce can be the greatest diversion in everyday life. The army are not the people we want preoccupied. Wow.

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I wonder what it is about the air power particularly that causes higher separation and breakup prices, but that's certainly an exciting research.


Hi there,
This was a sobering post. One thing that stood out to me was the fact that more women than men were asking for a divorce. I know that serving in the army means being away from home, and having to deal with stressful situations. I think the marriage retreat program is a great idea, and that it should be made mandatory so every married serviceman and servicewoman can benefit from it.

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