Young Conservatives Debate, And Fret, About The Future - Marc Ambinder
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Targets for Republicans - Maggie's Farm

Bruce Kesler, blogging on "Maggie's Farm", makes a great and essential point about strategy -- to pick issues that unite and expand the coalition -- although I'm not sure how well his actual picks of issues will work out.

"The argument devolves into whether the Party should be with libertarians or traditionalists, economic or social conservatives, Hispanics or Southerners, and so forth.  In other words, the arguments are for further splitting asunder the Reagan coalition.  Insane.

"Instead, the discussion should be on how to not only rebuild the Reagan coalition but how to enlarge it.

"There were five primary slippages in Republican votes during this election.  [He lists them, including the Boomers' children, the working middle class, business interests, and "the aspiring poor", to whom McCain offered no vision to aspire to.]

"New leadership ... must be willing to confront entrenched interests, including within the Republican Party who have gone along to get along. Rank and file conservatives, whether libertarian, national security, or social traditionalists can come together and join with these now Democrat-leaning voters by focusing on an issue that negatively affects them all.


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