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How the founding fathers' communities voted yesterday

Jefferson's birthplace, Goochland County, and his longtime home, Albemarle County, both went for Rubio on Tuesday.

How did the other Founders do?

George Washington's, James Monroe's, and Robert E. Lee's birthplaces, on Virginia's Northern Neck, all went for Trump. But their longtime and chosen homes -- Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Loudoun, Albemarle, Alexandria, and Arlington, all went for Rubio and Clinton. Fairfax was also George Mason's home and probably his birthplace.

James Madison's birthplace, King George, and his longtime home, Orange, voted for Trump and Clinton. So did Patrick Henry's birthplace and longtime home, Hanover County, and his later home, Henry County.

The Adams hometown of Quincy, Mass., and neighboring Braintree, voted for Sanders and Trump. Boston, where Ben Franklin was born and raised and many other Founders lived, voted for Clinton and Trump.

Our colonial/revolutionary triangle of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, and their counties, all voted for Rubio. But neighboring Charles City County, birthplace of Tippecanoe and Tyler, too, went to Trump.

Staunton, birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, went to Rubio and Sanders.



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