Bill Weld's Whig-out playbook: Whigs split into short-lived Know-Nothings & lasting Liberty/FreeSoil/Republicans. & now...
"Learned Helplessness" is poisoning this election and our character, left and right

Kochs: Don't rejigger the Party; educate the public about freedom, & the Party'll take care of itself

". . . They appear to have taken different lessons from the 2016 primaries, however. Singer wants to remake the party; the Kochs want to re-educate the electorate. The Kochs, for instance, have little appetite for the minutiae of the RNC platform committee that Dickerson was fighting over. “We could care less,” said a person intimately familiar with the Koch network. “It’s not what we do.”

“We are not trying to move the party,” said Frayda Levin, a major donor and the chair of the board of directors of Americans for Prosperity, one of the biggest arms of the Koch network. “We believe freedom lies, as Thomas Jefferson said, in an educated public and, for the most part, the party will reflect what they believe the American people want. We have to start with the constituency.” . . .

Inside the GOP’s Shadow Convention:

Banking on an Election Day loss, the party’s elders and elite lay the foundation to rebuild post-Trump.


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