In Which Ancient Saxon Saint Brexit Saves Europe From Itself With Tigger-on-Rabbit Pooh-Jitsu
Bill Weld's Whig-out playbook: Whigs split into short-lived Know-Nothings & lasting Liberty/FreeSoil/Republicans. & now...

Trump will pay off national debt in shiny new Trumppence: Vote for your favorite design here.

Trump-with-proposed-TrumppenceDesign copper

Please vote for your favorite in the Comments section.  Trumpcoin-like-goldA dual-currency system would keep our RoundCopperprecious dollars at home while providing shiny new and possibly collectible Trumppence to the Red Chinese and other low-energy bond investors. But RoundcolorTPwould that make our dollars worth more, or worth less?


MAGHatAnd can the Trumppence ever hope to compete with these actual United Kingdom Fiftuppences?



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