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Liberals' best & brightest says don't demonize conservatives, demoralize them so they don't vote for Congress, either

With a joke candidate at the top of the official GOP ticket and their only serious candidate sailing under the Libertarian flag, conservatives (and classical liberals/libertarians along with them) are on track to lose not just the presidency, but the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the rest of the federal court system. But here's how the Democrats plan to make that even worse, at least if they listen to , a lefty who means business and has lots of clear insight into what the GOP is and how it works (though he seems a little light on understanding of economic libertarianism, equating it with the "donor class" which, he mostly correctly points out, "rent-seeks" government subsidies):

"Saying Donald Trump is totally unlike mainstream Republicans could be the best way to beat them"


"It’s not true, but it’s potentially very effective — even down ballot."